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On Reflection and Growth: Diet Culture Dropout Tees

This blog is a continuation of  Accountability for the Diet Culture Dropout Tees speaking to areas of growth and learning as a provider and activist this past year.


Callout, a system of holding people accountable for oppressive behavior, was employed when the Diet Culture Dropout (DCD) tees were discovered. I was not familiar with this system, causing me to shrink initially on social media rather than addressing the issue head on. This led to colleagues and clients becoming involved on my behalf.

Callout can be a very effective way to advocate for change and stop the harm of oppressive behavior. It can also be a way to hold people within the same community to a higher standard. In this scenario, it was also a way for marginalized folx to communicate their pain and anger at the situation.

There were people, including friends, who found the callout language offensive and crossing the line into bullying. What I can say now (that I did not say then) is that when people are used to being unheard and dismissed, the volume goes up. Expressing hurt is not the same thing as “bullying,” and playing “nice” often leads to being ignored. This also gets in to tone policing, read more here.

It was important for me to not get lost in negative emotions, as this does not benefit anyone. I was reminded that showing up and acknowledging where there is hurt or oversight and apologizing for missteps is the best step forward.


The response I got after my first blog post included strong opinions about privilege. Essentially, a lot of people either thought this is not about privilege or they don’t believe in privilege.

Let me start by saying this IS impacted by privilege. Thin privilege allows for more visibility than fat folx, more credibility without questioning and less discrimination and oppression.

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5 Ways to Respect Your Body While Shopping for Clothes

5 Ways to Respect Your Body While Shopping for Clothes

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